Fat collector
Sealed tank designed for the physical-mechanical process of animal and vegetable fats separation. Additionally to wastewater treatment it provides stable operation of the sewage system.
Fat collector
Fat collector
Fat collector
Detailed description
Design and operating concept

Designed to remove grease from the wastewater of municipal and industrial buildings. Great for public catering facilities where the wastewater is contaminated with large quantities of grease. Horizontal and vertical versions available. Recommended capacity from 1 to 250 l/s.

Purification technology

Wastewater enters the primary sedimentation chamber, where most of the floating fat is accumulated, as well as sedimentation of suspended solids occurs. The water then flows by gravity from the first chamber to the second chamber, where additional separation of fat takes place, after that the effluent enters the sewage system.


The tank can have both vertical and horizontal housing. An excavation pit should be arranged prior the installation - excavation, water level reduction, fixing the walls of the excavation pit with cleat (if necessary) and arrangement of the concrete slab to which the horizontal fat collector is fixed by synthetic tie bands (or corrosion-resistant steel bands on the rubber lining), and the vertical fat collector with anchors to prevent floating up under the groundwater pressure.

Before installing a vertical fat collector a smoothing layer of concrete slab  made of cement-sand mixture is applied and the fat collector is installed on it. After connecting the input and output branch pipes to the collector of the rainwater treatment system, the maintenance well is connected and the fat collector is refilled with the sand-gravel mixture and compacted layer by layer. More details about the technology of fat collectors installation can be found in the operating manual.


The tank is equipped with an observation well and a ladder for easy maintenance. At the customer's request, the unit can be supplemented with a fat level sensor, which will give a signal about the excessive fat and oil level in the tank and the necessity to remove the accumulated fat and clean the wall.



Q - flow rate: 1-50 l/sec.

D - housing diameter: 1200-2400 mm

L – housing length (height): 900-8900 mm

A - input pipe height: 700-2200 mm

B - output pipe height: 620-2000 mm

N - input/output pipe diameter: 125-400 mm

H - track laying depth: according to customer's project

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