Distribution manhole

GRP manholes are used for cleaning and flushing the sewerage pipeline, as well as monitoring its operation

Distribution manhole
Distribution manhole
Detailed description
Design and operating concept

Effluent flow regulation in the rainwater treatment system.

Operating concept:


The standard manhole consists of a chamber (manhole housing), output branch pipes built into the housing, a ladder (if required) and a fibreglass lid. The manholes are manufactured as linear (to be installed in direct sections of the route) and rotary manholes (to be installed in places where the direction of the route changes). It is possible to produce manholes of different configurations according to the customer's drawings.


Prior the installation of manholes, an excavation pit should be arranged: excavation, water level reduction, fixing of the tank with stainless anchor bolts to the concrete slab to prevent floating up under the groundwater pressure. In the case of high groundwater and weak soil, a concrete ring should be cast around the bottom of the manhole. It is also possible to install a ventilation pipe for additional ventilation of the manhole. For more details on the manhole installation technology, you can refer to the operating manual.


The manholes should be maintained at least once every few years if suspended solids have accumulated at the bottom. In this case, clean the walls of the manholes from dirt, then lubricate all moving parts with petroleum jelly (vaseline), e.g. the valve, and make a performance test.


Q - flow rate: 1-250 l/sec.

D - housing diameter: 1000-3000 mm

L – housing length (height): as per customer's design

A - input pipe height: as per customer's design

B - output pipe height: as per customer's design

N - diameter of input/output pipe: as per customer's design

H - track laying depth: according to the customer's design

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