Multi-housing SPS
Pumping stations are designed to supply drinking and technical water for domestic/household and industrial needs, for pumping domestic/household, fecal, rain and industrial wastewater.
Multi-housing SPS
Multi-housing SPS
Detailed description
Design and operating concept

Used in a version with two or more housings to increase the operating volume of the station. Used for pumping liquids in case of high coefficient of unbalance.


Before the installation of the multi-housing pumping station in its designed position, all the arrangements for the excavation pit should be made - excavation, dewatering, fixing the walls of the pit with sheet piles (if necessary) and the installation of a solid reinforced concrete slab, to which the pumping station housings are anchored to prevent floating under the pressure of groundwater. After the pumping station housings are fixed in the designed position, the backfill of the excavation around the pumping station is performed in layers with compaction by vibroplate. As the backfill reaches the level of the pumping station branch pipes, the inlet and outlet branch pipes of the pumping station with sewage system collectors are connected and the secondary backfill of the pumping station housings with the connected collectors is performed. Then the installation of pumping equipment, installation of internal pipelines, alignment of float switches and connection of pumping equipment to the control cabinet is made. The final stage is commissioning and testing.



To ensure smooth operation of the electromechanical equipment in a multi-housing pumping station it is necessary to systematically monitor the equipment readings, check the condition of electrical connections, fasten the equipment, check the functioning of the grounding system of all the equipment and perform periodic maintenance of the pumping equipment. Care and maintenance of pump units must be carried out in accordance with the pump unit manufacturer's instructions. When commissioning pump units after repairs if the pump cable has been disconnected from the control cabinet, the direction of rotation of the motor must be checked


Q - flow rate: 1-50 l/s

D - housing diameter: 1200-2400 mm

L - housing length (height): 900-8900 mm

A - inlet pipe height: 700-2200 mm

B - outlet pipe height: 620-2000 mm

N - inlet/outlet pipe diameter: 125-400 mm

H - depth of the route: according to the customer's project

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