Septic tanks

In septic tanks sewage is treated with the help of bacteria that mineralize contaminants. The contaminants are disintegrated into components that are completely harmless to health. The main advantage of NTT septic tanks is that there is no need for electricity.
Septic tanks
Septic tanks
Detailed description
Design and operating concept
Collection and treatment of household sewage in the system of independent sewerage. Septic tanks are used in the construction of closed systems that are not connected to the central sewage collection system. Depending on the number of chambers in the septic tank, sewage is purified mechanically (sedimentation of impurities) and biologically (disintegration of organic impurities by bacteria). Septic tanks also have a system of soil post-treatment - the liquid is drained into the soil and when passing through a layer of soil, gets rid of the remaining impurities.
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