Company development history

Company history
2021 year
  • International Award EcoWorld-2021 for outstanding achievement in environment protection.

  • Successful heat tests of GRP material of NTT in the laboratories of ROSATOM and MGSU «MOSCOW STATE UNIVERSITY OF CIVIL ENGINEERING (NATIONAL RESEARCH UNIVERSITY)".

  • Introduction of the Green Office system with a built-in photo-bioreactor generating oxygen.

  • NTT is in the National Register of Engineering Companies and the National Association of Manufacturers of Building Materials and Products.

  • Design and successful introduction of a unique integrated biomembrane technology for treatment of solid waste filtrate.

  • Participation in international exhibitions " ECWATECH 2021" and "YUGAGRO".

  • Reconstruction of a section of the sewage collection system Egoryevsk-Voskresensk length 14029 m.

  • Construction of the traffic network with artificial structures and rearrangement of utilities from Kaspiyskaya Street to the 1st Kotlyakovsky Lane.

  • Reconstruction of the sewage collection system on the Gospitalnaya Quay.

  • Commissioning of GRP pipeline for the cooling circulation pipeline system of a new power plant in Yerevan, Armenia.

2020 year
  • First delivery for wood industry of the Russian Federation (road construction in forest).

  • NTT participation in engineering and construction work and delivery of more than 3 km of pipes, sewage pumping station and disinfection equipment for the new infectious hospital for COVID infected patients in Voronovskoe settlement, Moscow region.

  • Participation in the international exhibition ECWATECH 2020.

  • NTT status confirmation as a strategic partner of the Russian Water Congress.

2019 year
  • Obtaining the Technical Certificate of the Ministry of Construction of Russia that confirms the possibility to use NTT products in construction as well as the Expert Report confirming that the pipes for drinking water supply meet the Unified Sanitary and Epidemiological and Hygienic Requirements (№77.01.12.П.001628.06.19).

  • First application of a Jacking pipe for the Russian Railways.

  • Participation in Russia-Uzbekistan exhibition with the support of REC (Russian Export Center).

  • NTT becomes a strategic partner of the Russian Water Congress.

  • Rebranding of NTT Group.

  • Double increase of production facilities for tanks and reservoirs production.

2018 year
  • Participation in the international exhibition ECWATECH 2018.

  • Launch of NTT engineering center and R&D laboratory.

2017 year
  • First application of a Jacking pipe at a construction site in Moscow.

2016 year
  • Successful passing of tests and obtaining a positive conclusion from "NPO Stekloplastik" JSC for chemical resistance of NTT tanks in working conditions relevant to the composition of wastewater of Moscow.

  • First delivery of DN 3900 fiberglass to a construction site in Moscow.

2015 year
  • Testing and obtaining a report from V.A. Kucherenko Central Research Institute of Seismic Resistance approving the use of NTT pipes in earthquake-prone regions of the Russian Federation (seismic resistance rating 9 points of MSK-64).

  • First delivery to Federal Road Agency.

2014 year
  • Approval of NTT pipes chemical resistance properties in operating conditions of Moscow Channel sewage system.

2013 year
  • First successful use of GRP jacking pipes produced by continuous filament winding method.

2011 year
  • Approval of the national standard GOST R 54560 developed by NTT «Pipes and parts of pipelines made of thermosetting plastics reinforced with fiberglass for water supply, sewage, drainage and water disposal».

2010 year
  • First application of NTT products for drinking water supply at the site of MUPP (Municipal Unitary Production Enterprise) in Krasnoyarsk.

2009 year
  • First use of NTT products by Moscow Channel.

2008 year
  • Foundation of the NTT plant producing GRP pipes by the continuous winding method.

  • NTT plant founded in Peresvet, Moscow region.

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