Quality Control
Контроль качества НТТ

The high quality of NTT products is confirmed by leading Russian research institutes and is achieved by:

  • Highly qualified personnel

  • Testing in accordance with global standards in our own certified laboratory

  • High precision equipment

  • Multi-level quality control system

Quartz sand and roving are tested for:

  • Strength

  • Weight loss on ignition

  • Moisture of mass fraction

  • Particle size composition

Контроль качества НТТ

Resin is tested for:

  • Viscosity

  • Gelling rate

  • Polyester resin density measured by densitometer

  • Exothermic peak

  • Styrene content

  • Acid Number

  • Dry residue in the liquid polyester resin

  • Barcole hardness of the cured polyester resin

  • Cobalt mass fraction

NTT products undergo the following quality tests:

  • Visual inspection

  • Geometrical control

  • Physical-mechanical parameters inspection

  • Tightness control of pressure pipes and couplings

  • Inspection and measurement of pipe stiffness

  • Barkol hardness test

Successful long-term testing of NTT pipes was carried out to confirm the service life of at least 50 years

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