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Our engineering department provides highly qualified services for production and engineering calculations.


1.    Construction strength calculations are performed using the finite element method. The calculation model is created in the software package most suitable for the task or imported from a CAD system.

2.    Static and dynamic calculation of bending and moving for constructions of arbitrary levels of complexity.

3. Stability calculation of the structure under the influence of   external force factors - calculation for seismic resistance using the method of equivalent static load, or linear-spectral method according to the Code of Regulations 14.13330.2018


1. Calculations of metal and reinforced concrete constructions, as well as their foundations in accordance with the current Сode of Regulations and Construction Norms and Regulations (Building Code).

2. Foundation settlement calculation from the external loads and assessment of the stress distribution in soils by modeling the system " base - foundation - construction".


1. Stability assessment and deformation analysis of soil bases under challenging geological and structural conditions

2. Stability coefficient determination of the slope of the mound (excavation) or natural slope for the most dangerous sliding surface

3. Impact calculation of new construction on the surrounding buildings, assessment of deformations and stability in complex geotechnical systems taking into account joint cooperation of engineering facilities and their interaction with the soil during the construction, operation and reconstruction phases

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