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Commissioning is the final stage that considerably affects future operation of water supply and wastewater disposal systems, treatment facilities, tanks and reservoirs.

Pre-commissioning is the package of measures like setting up, checking and testing the manufactured equipment to ensure it performs properly and according to its designed parameters. Pre-commissioning of water supply and wastewater disposal pipeline systems, sewage treatment facilities and sewage pumping stations is performed by certified specialists of our company. They have appropriate permissions to perform start-up and comprehensive testing of the equipment.

The scope of works carried out at the stage of commissioning varies and depends on the installed equipment, but generally includes the following:

1. Preparation. It consists of engineering and organizational works necessary for commissioning.

2. Adjustment works carried out prior the special tests of the technological equipment. They comprise commissioning works of automated control systems, electrical devices, heat power and other systems. These works contribute to separate testing of technological equipment. 

3. adjustment works carried out during separate tests of the manufactured equipment.

4. Comprehensive (full) testing of the equipment under special (specific) loads.

5. Elimination of defects/faults found during pre-commissioning.

6. Preparation of the necessary operating, normative and equipment acceptance documentation for the performed pre-commissioning work.

7. Training of the customer's personnel.

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