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Our company is designing water supply and water disposal systems, drainage treatment facilities, city district pipeline systems, linear objects.

The existing approval documentation allows to design water supply and water disposal systems, treatment facilities for municipal, household, surface and industrial wastewater (sewage).

The specialists of the Engineering Department carry out various types of project design work:

1. Engineering calculations

1.1 Calculations of reservoirs and pipelines

1.2 Calculations of impact from surrounding buildings

2. Modeling

2.1 Geotechnical tasks in Midas software package

2.2 Mathematical modeling of wastewater treatment facilities

3. Project design work

3.1 Execution of subsection "water supply system"

3.2 Execution of subsection " water disposal system"

3.3 Execution of subsection "Technological solutions"

3.4 Assistance in project documentation preparation in order to be approved by the expertise

3.5 Preparation of isometric drawings of external and internal engineering networks

4. Design work

4.1 2D and 3D design of the components in accordance with the customer's requirements.

4.2 Drawings preparation for the approval

4.3 Complete preparation of the working documentation for the construction and installation works

The company prepares the following:

  • Feasibility Study (FS)

  • Technical and economic calculations (TEC)

  • Preliminary Design (PD)

  • Project (P)

  • Working Documentation (WD)

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