Fiberglass pipes NTT ROAD

A unique innovation of NTT  with maximum resistance to various kinds of loads. It is used in the construction of railway and automobile roads and other surfaces.
Fiberglass pipes NTT ROAD
Fiberglass pipes NTT ROAD
Detailed description
Design and operating concept

Pipes for railroad construction.

When erecting culverts, drainage and other similar constructions during the implementation of a railway project, fiberglass pipes are used, they have high resistance to the increased loads of railway vehicles. ROAD GRP pipes are ideal for this application due to their resistance to deformation, all kinds of external and internal loads on the pipeline, seismic impacts, uneven ground deformation (fallouts, mudflow heaving, landslides, karsts, etc.)

Pipes for aerodrome construction.

Any aerodrome must be equipped with a reliable drainage system. The aerodrome surface and adjacent structures are constantly exposed to significant loads: dynamic, thermal, mechanical, static, arising during parking, landing, takeoff, movement (taxiing), as well as the maintenance of heavy-tonnage air vehicles. Products of NTT Company ensure solving these problems for dozens of years ahead.

Our products fully meet all the requirements in the construction of aerodromes.



Trenchless technology for laying municipal underground pipelines and pipeline systems of different diameters without opening the surface along the route of laying.

Underground laying

The most common type of fiberglass piping. Due to their light weight and coupling design, NTT products can be installed quickly and easily in a trench without expensive special equipment. special machinery according to SP 40-104-2001 and SP 129.13330.2019.

Sanation (Relining)

Pipeline rehabilitation in cases, tunnels, reservoirs is an alternative method of laying and is characterized by fast installation of the reconstructed pipeline.


To prevent significant deterioration of the performance and functional quality of the pipeline, proper maintenance should be carried out. Proper maintenance is necessary to use the benefits of GRP pipeline such excellent hydraulic properties, high corrosion resistance and durability.


The diameter (DN) of fiberglass pipes NTT ROAD is determined by the inner size and measured in millimeters. The range of pipe sizes in mm:

DN 300 - 4000 mm

The nominal ring stiffness (SN) of pipes is measured in N/m² and varies in the following range:

SN 10000 - 1 000 000 N/m²

To choose the right pipe type it is important to know the ring stiffness of the pipe. Usually this value is not less than 10000 N/m². Fiberglass pipes are available in the following pressure types:

PN 1;
PN 6;
PN 10;
PN 16;
PN 20;
PN 25;
PN 32;
PN 40.

NTT ROAD fiberglass pipes have a safety reserve 1.5 times higher than their nominal value.

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