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An audit is a comprehensive assessment of the performance of water supply and water disposal systems, wastewater treatment facilities and recommendations for changes in technology, modernization or replacement at possible lowest cost.

According to our experts` report done in 2019 90% of the operating water supply and water disposal systems, treatment facilities were brought into operation in the 60's and 70's of the 20th century and the equipment of building constructions is on average 90% worn out.

Work Stages

Our specialists conduct an audit and identify problems that have arisen during the operation of equipment and systems. After the audit a detailed report is generated describing the current defects as well as recommendations for their elimination with a scheme of proposed reconstruction or new equipment supply needed for the proper operation of equipment and facilities and for compliance with standards and technical conditions.

1. Analysis of submitted data and current technological schemes of constructions and equipment for compliance with project data and current regulatory requirements.

2. External inspection of the treatment facilities to identify visual damage and defects.

3. Efficiency assessment of operating technologies of facilities and equipment.

4. Analysis of design data to comply with the actual ones based on quality, as well as quantity components.

5. Assessment of the existing scheme and technical solution for compliance with regulations.

6. Selection of options to increase productivity and identification of opportunities to achieve the necessary efficiency.

7. Evaluation of opportunities to improve productivity.

8. Making up proposals for upgrading facilities and equipment to obtain the required parameters (selection of a suitable technical solution, proposed data on the equipment).

9. Preparation of reports on the work performed.

10. Reporting and holding a meeting with the Customer's representatives.

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