NTT at the exhibition ECWATECH 2021

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Last week, the NTT took part in the 15th international exhibition "Water: Ecology and Technology" ECWATECH.

We managed to meet partners, communicate with professionals, exchange experience with colleagues, and also demonstrate our own innovative solutions.
At our booth, models of a sewage pumping station, a well with various nozzles, a pipeline with fittings, as well as a new product - a system for absorbing carbon dioxide and generating oxygen Green Office.
The Green Office system with a built-in photobioreactor attracted special attention - guests entered the room with an exclusive installation in the form of a meteorite with interest.

Насыщение воздуха кислородом за счет биохимической переработки углекислого газа.

The author of the installation is a talented Italian designer Carmelo Zappulla, whose other works we recommend you to visit, creator Flli Perin instagram @officinaperin и Fondazione Berengo @fondazioneberengo.
In addition to aesthetic pleasure from the beauty of the meteorite, on a special screen, guests could trace the difference in air quality indicators in the pavilion and inside the room with a photobioreactor installed in real time.

International cooperation allows us not only to make pleasant acquaintances, but also to work together to solve the global problems of mankind.
ECWATECH 2021 left only positive emotions! We are delighted to be a part of such a great event!
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