Reconstruction of Moscow sewage collector installed in 1938

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Delivery and supervision of egg-shape Profile pipe installation for the unique collector of "Mosvodokanal" modernisation on Gospitalnaya embankment was completed.

The sewer collector on the Hospital Embankment was built in 1938. It has a rather specific V-shaped vault, paved with bricks. This is the building sensations of that time, which do not turn into the round shape we are used to. As part of the precedent for this historic site, NTT audited random networks and identified a need for sewer analysis throughput.
For the implementation of this project, a supervised installation of 348 meters of a hipped-section pipe was carried out, which has all the necessary qualities, including a V-shape, a smooth inner surface and high resistance to chemical and gas corrosion. Sewer systems around the world are deteriorating and in need of modernization. Their restoration using fiberglass pipes over the past 50 years has proven to be a very reliable and effective method.
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