NTT X International Conference "CIS Composites"

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Today in Chisinau the X International Conference "Composites CIS" has been opened. It is a traditional communication platform of composite materials business community: producers, consumers, suppliers, research institutes.

Artyom Maslov, General Director, takes part in the Conference from NTT. As part of the opening program, Oleg Kornev, Ph.D.

A special place in the report was occupied by a project that was implemented by the National Research University together with the New Pipe Technologies company to conduct long-term tests of glass-composite pipes manufactured by NTT.

Conference "CIS Composites"

Recall that the project was implemented for two years. The result was the confirmation of the service life of products - at least 50 years.

The NTT team was pleased to receive a high appreciation at the forum of professionals for the joint work of NTT and the leading research university in Russia in the field of construction.

Conference "CIS Composites"

We do not stop at the achieved results and continue to cooperate on test projects with our long-term partner NRU MGSU in order to prove the high quality, reliability and operational efficiency of the use of composite products in the construction industry.

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Conference "CIS Composites"
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