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The main city collector of Krasnodar has been working since 1986. The reinforced concrete pipe installed in it had been worn out and required replacement with a more modern and high-tech solution

Rosvodokanal Krasnodar carried out the reconstruction of the collector and replaced the old pipe with a new one. In the work, a fiberglass NTT pipe with a diameter of 2.5 meters was used.

The total length of the structure that provides drainage for the entire city is 7,000 meters, so it was important to use the most reliable materials. NTT fiberglass is resistant to gas corrosion and abrasion, and has a proven service life of at least 50 years.

The ease of installation of NTT pipe products allows you to carry out work without shutting down sewerage services so that subscribers do not feel any inconvenience.
Reconstruction of the main Krasnodar collector makes it possible to maintain high-quality water disposal of the entire city and prevent emergencies in the future.
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